Welcome !

Welcome to the new Global Telelanguage Resources website. It has been quite a while since the Internet has had to cope with our presence, but we feel that it is once again ready.

Our recent efforts over the last year have been on resurrecting the GTR Language Workbench, a digital studio for language. The previous version developed in 2004 was a 32 bit desktop application and no longer functions on newer 64 bit systems.

The newer version is completely web based, and was debuted at the workshop portion of the 2016 Electronic Literature Organization in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Development was rushed to get it ready for the conference, so it is quite rough around the edges, with little to no documentation…. all of which we will be focussing on correcting in this new year. The aim is to make the application a collaborative studio for language with users able to share their language productions/creations/machines with others on the site, which they in turn can extend/remix/transform.

With 2017, exciting things await…. and we look forward to working with you, our partners in language !