Global Telelangauge Resources is a fictional corporate entity founded in 1997 by Andrew Klobucar and David Ayre. GTR is dedicated to the continued exploration of issues concerning language and technology.

Andrew is is an Associate Professor in the Humanities at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey.

His writings, research and teaching focus on the important role media technology plays in contemporary cultural practices, with a specific emphasis on electronic literary criticism, programmable poetics, and theories in computationalism and writing.

His forthcoming book on the influence of algorithmic programming and information theory on poetics and literary criticism, entitled, The Algorithmic Impulse: Programmable Writing and the Aesthetics of Information will be published by Alabama University Press.

David is a software engingeer living in a tiny house on beautiful Gabriola Island in British Columbia. His primary interests lie at the intersection of poetics and the various subfields of natural language processing and generation.